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Welcome to the Kenneth Eixman BuckBoard Memorial 

Finishing What He Started: Supporting the legacy of Ken Eixman through his BuckBoard House


What's a BuckBoard House?

Whenever Ken had a spare buck, he'd buy a board (or other materials) to build this house.
Now, without him the project is at a standstill.


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On November 6th 2022 We Lost Ken To Unexpected Heart Failure

Ken Eixman, a loving husband, father, and friend, passed away on November 6th, 2022, leaving behind a legacy of hard work and determination. One of his greatest accomplishments was the BuckBoard House, a project he started from the ground up in 2014.


Over the past nine years, Ken and his wife Deanna have been living in a travel trailer while they worked tirelessly to build their dream home. Unfortunately, Ken passed away before he could see his project come to fruition, leaving behind a big task to be completed.


To finish the BuckBoard House, we need to raise $150,000 in materials, and we are seeking the help of volunteers to assist with the construction process. We are hosting fundraisers and building days to raise funds and gather volunteers. Any monetary donations, materials, or volunteer support would be greatly appreciated to help us complete Ken's vision and honor his legacy. 

Four Ways You Can Help Out...

How You Can Help

We need donations and volunteers to make this dream possible.


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